Wednesday, March 16, 2011


 Shawn Michaels revealed on Twitter that he is backstage at tonight’s WWE tapings visiting with friends. He wrote earlier that he was in town for business. Here’s what he said about being backstage:

“At SmackDown with friends. They r having a great time. It is awesome to see the crew. Everybody looks ready for WrestleMania.”


* Edge defeated Brodus Clay with the spear in the opening match. Alberto Del Ri came out after the match and beat Edge down. Christian made the save. Teddy Long came out and announced Del Rio vs. Christian in a cage match tonight.

* WWE US Champion Sheamus beat WWE IC Champion Kofi Kingston with the Brogue kick.

* Backstage segment with Kane and Big Show trying to chokeslam each other.

* Cody Rhodes with new theme music beats Trent Baretta in a quick match.

* Layla defeated Kelly Kelly. Michelle McCool was on commentary and distracted Kelly to help Layla get the win.

* Big Show and Kane vs. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater for the WWE Tag Team Titles is up next. Big Show and Kane win by DQ then get beatdown by The Corre after the match.

* Jack Swagger beats Chris Masters with the ankle lock. After the match, Michael Cole comes out of his cube and put the ankle lock on Masters.

* Rey Mysterio beat Ted DiBiase with 619.

* Christian beat Alberto Del Rio in a steel cage match that was said to be a great main event. Christian won by escaping the cage. Edge came out afterward in Del Rio’s car and threatened to destroy it. Brodus Clay made the save and Del Rio helped him beat Edge down and hit a double chairshot to his arm.


WWE Superstar Wade Barrett recently spoke with SkySports to promote WrestleMania 27. Here are some highlights:

Wrestlemania XXVII is set to be your debut on the grandest stage of them all. Can you confirm you will be on the card on April 3?

WADE BARRETT: It’s not officially set-up but in some capacity, I’m definitely going to be performing on the show. I’m obviously in a group called the Corre at the moment and we’ve sort of made a name for ourselves by attacking people at random and ganging up on people.

Even if I don’t have a full match scheduled, I’m still hopeful of getting something ironed out. I’m sure we’ll be involved somewhere, even if we’re attacking people in the main event or something like that. In fact, I guarantee you I’ll get myself involved.

So you can’t confirm any rumours of the Corre against The Big Show and Kane, and possibly Diesel?

WB: I can’t confirm anything, nothing is set in stone yet. I’ve been feuding with the Big Show for some time now so I’d love to do something with him. I think I’ve got a score to settle with him and hopefully that will be at WrestleMania. But if not, I’ll be involved in some capacity.

So what are your goals for 2011 and beyond?

WB: My main focus is to become England’s first WWE Champion. There’s never been one before, which is something that needs to be corrected very soon. There’s been so many great British and English wrestlers in the past and the fact there has never been a World Champion from this country is wrong. It’s my main focus to make sure that I am the first. On top of that, I just want to find my place in the WWE. I was on a lot of pay-per-views and I main-evented a lot of pay-per-views. I want to get myself back into that title picture with top guys and hopefully bring that title back to the UK.

Triple H told the WWE Universe a few weeks ago that he had nothing else to achieve in the WWE than ending The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania. There are obviously a lot of new Superstars he has yet to beat. Did that annoy many of the ones listening?

WB: Yes I think so. I think a lot of people heard that and maybe were a bit disgruntled by it. Triple H certainly has beaten everybody there is to beat. He really is one of the best in history. But there really are a lot of young lions coming through at the moment. Triple H has certainly never beaten me. We’ve never been in the ring together. I would like to do battle with him one day. But obviously he has a lot on his plate with the Undertaker. So maybe we’ll wait until that is completed. But definitely somewhere down the line, I would love to take Triple H on.


The plan right now is for Triple H vs. The Undertaker to close WrestleMania 27. John Cena vs. The Miz for the WWE Title is scheduled to go third from the top, with a match in between Cena-Miz and Taker-HHH.

WWE officials are also heavily considering having Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler only wrestle and not announce, which would have Booker T and Josh Matthews call the show.