Monday, February 14, 2011


It has been a thrilling promo and a mysterious chapter for all wrestling fans.
So me Anubhav Lahiri former Moderator of our beloved WWE-Universe community have pulled my sleeves up for this!
Am going to discuss about Is it Sting? or Is it The Deadman?
So after watch two promos in two weeks the adrenaline level has indeed increased.
Is it Sting??  Or Is it The Undertaker
As per my opinion most probably it is Sting. Now after reading 1st question popping up in your head is why am saying its Sting?
Well watching the promo, the style and going through some spoiler and having the experience on WWE's predictable "cunningness" I assume it is sting. If you can see in that promo, the person is wearing pointed shoe which The Undertaker never does.
Look at the picture and look at Undertaker's shoes, rounded not pointed.
As we saw in past, Undertaker's returning promos have been same which features a Grave, hand raising from the grave and child, death valley and the chair. But this promo is showing us a house, I don't believe Undertaker owns a house LOL. Sting always portrayed similar to Deadman but he lacks grave and spooky stuffs. And people over the internet assuming that its Undertaker returning with new gimmick, well i have an one liner statement to this assumption, Undertaker is not 100% fit in recent times so how come he return with a new gimmick. In the 2nd promo we have heard a song "Ain't no grave can hold my body down" which have distracted people from sting towards the Deadman as it was used last year in Wrestlemania for Shawn Michaels and Undertaker match, but does this make any sense? Ashley Massaro's theme was also used as one of the themes in Wrestlemania LOL. In the recent weeks Sting is removed from TNA website. So? Yes it is also one of the reasons I believe that Sting is coming to Raw. And most importantly why will Undertaker return to Raw? He is a roster of Smackdown, was dumped by Kane and The Nexus. Thats why I am saying it is Sting not The Undertaker, We will find out next week! Hold your nerves! Adios!

TOP 25 MOST OVERRATED WRESTLERS OF ALL TIME has posted a list counting down the top 25 most overrated wrestlers of all-time. The ranking is topped by 13-time world champion Triple H, who was named Most Overrated in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards on three consecutive occasions (2002-2004), and again in 2009. 

Regarding the self-proclaimed "King of Kings", wrote: "For too long, Triple H has received a free pass from internet wrestling fans, but we say, "No more!" Sure, he used to be great, but that was before he destroyed his body and moved on to destroying the careers of younger wrestlers. Folks these days like to say that "The King of Kings" makes people into stars, but wrestlers tend to either succeed despite the terrible, emasculating beatings he gives them or just disappear back into the midcard. What's worse is that he does it all with the same four boring, mechanical moves - a fact which goes strangely unnoticed by the world's Cena-bashers, who tend to love "The Game." If Triple H was as great as people say he is, the past 13 years of constant pushes shouldn't have just turned him into another Rock or "Stone Cold," it should have gotten him elected King of the Universe. 

"And The Chaperone looks atrocious." 

The complete ranking is as follows: 

25. Diesel 
24. Arn Anderson 
23. Alberto Del Rio 
22. Jerry Lynn 
21. Shelton Benjamin 
20. Verne Gagne 
19. Jeff Jarrett 
18. Sabu 
17. Finlay 
16. Christopher Daniels 
15. Mr. Anderson 
14. William Regal 
13. Indy Geeks (Mike Quackenbush pictured) 
12. Randy Orton 
11. Gorgeous George 
10. Scott Hall 
9. Dean Malenko 
8. Owen Hart 
7. Christian 
6. Curt Hennig 
5. Miss Elizabeth 
4. Jerry "The King" Lawler 
3. Giant Baba 
2. Hulk Hogan 
1. Triple H