Thursday, August 4, 2011



Speaking of The Rock and John Cena, Dave Meltzer reports that their WrestleMania 28 match may be in jeopardy as one high-ranking WWE employee with lots of influence is against the big showdown in Miami next year. While this official doesn't want the match to happen, most feel that it still will take place.


WWE United States Title Match
Alex Riley vs. Dolph Ziggler

Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio

Other matches possible for SummerSlam include The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett and WWE Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson vs. Cody Rhodes.


Right now, WWE management is giving CM Punk the basic framework of his promos but he is being allowed to come up with the verbiage, as opposed to the RAW writers scripting the entire promo like they do for most everyone else. Before RAW this past Monday, Punk was practicing his return promo in the back and going over it with friends.


Regarding the incident where SmackDown wrestlers had their belongings stolen on the recent WWE tour of South Africa, what happened was that people on a flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town targeted wrestler’s suitcases that had locks on them, and stole mostly electronics and watches. The airline came to a deal with WWE as the crew was informed backstage during one of the shows that the airline was going to fully reimburse them for every item that was stolen. WWE talents were told not to talk about the incident again and not to tweet about it from that point on.


There was talk this week of making Michael Cole a manager since he has so much heat. The idea would be for Cole to transfer some of that heat to heels on the roster who need a boost. If Cole would begin to manage, he would likely stay on commentary as well.


After this week, the plan is still to give Alberto Del Rio the WWE Title. The winner of John Cena vs. CM Punk at SummerSlam is supposed to lose to Del Rio before WWE goes to Mexico in mid-October.

WWE will tape the October 17th RAW on October 15th from Mexico City and they are hoping that it could be one of the hottest RAW crowds in history.


Shawn Michaels is currently in Africa filming new episodes of “Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures” that will air this fall.


Former WWE Superstar Edge did a media call today to promote his upcoming appearances on SyFy’s Haven. Here are some highlights:

* Regarding a return to WWE, Edge said he doesn’t know if he wants to but hasn’t been contacted by WWE. He feels it’s too soon at this point to return and says he stuck around for a bit after first retiring for the Christian storyline.

* He will be appearing at SummerSlam Axxess but won’t be appearing on the pay-per-view later that night. He said by the time the pay-per-view is going on, he will be headed back to the hotel to wait on Dolph Ziggler and Christian to have some sushi.

* He’s open to more acting projects in the future but isn’t aggressively pursuing them. He made it clear that he didn’t leave wrestling to go into acting and would still be wrestling if he were able to.

* Regarding an off-air role with WWE, Edge said he’s not sure if he would even consider it, maybe in 5 or 10 years. He talked about being that close to wrestling without actually being able to perform might be something he doesn’t enjoy. He added that the travel of an agent job would probably turn him away and said when he travels, his neck hurts, plus he doesn’t want to wake up in a different city anymore.

* Edge said he hasn’t been following the CM Punk storyline on RAW but does DVR SmackDown to see the Christian storyline. He said since he can’t wrestle, he feels watching it right now may be “a little funky.” He said he’s trying to step into everyday life and not have wrestling be a part of it all the time. He said he will never be ashamed of Edge and where it got him, but doesn’t want to be Edge 24/7.

* Regarding the WWE Hall of Fame, he said he would not turn down the offer and Christian inducting him would be a no-brainer.

* He talked about his autobiography years ago and felt that it was too soon but WWE wanted the younger guys to write them at that time. Edge said another book is likely.

* Edge said he’s not in contact with WWE. He said it’s nothing personal, everyone is just busy. He still keeps in contact with his friends who are on the road.

* He said he will be at the upcoming WWE SmackDown tapings in Toronto on September 13th, not appearing on camera but backstage.


In the new WWE Magazine, the return of The Undertaker is being teased for WWE’s Vengeance pay-per-view on October 23rd from San Antonio, Texas.

The magazine’s preview reads like this:

“On October 23, Vengeance rises from the grave in the form of an all new Pay-Per-View. What better time and place for The Undertaker to make his return to a WWE ring. After all, it was a year and a day to the date that the Deadman lost a Buried Alive match against Kane with the help of the Nexus at the WWE Bragging Rights Pay-Per-View in 2010. The Phenom hasn't come calling for revenge on that score (some streak got in the way), so if we were Kane or Wade Barrett, we would watch our backs come October, because if you happen to hear that ominous gong, you’ll know the bell tolls for thee.”


Word is that Randy Orton vs. Christian is also booked for WWE’s Night of Champions pay-per-view in September. Should the plan stick, Night of Champions will be the fifth straight WWE pay-per-view that the two have faced each other – Over the Limit (Orton won), Capitol Punishment (Orton won), Money in the Bank (Christian won the title by DQ), the No Holds Barred match at SummerSlam and then whatever match they might have in September.


 It’s said that while WWE fully recognizes how hot CM Punk is right now and realizes his long-term potential, the real focus for the payoff of RAW’s top storyline will be putting Triple H over.


It was reported earlier this year that women’s MMA star Cris “Cyborg” Santos was in negotiations with WWE. Cyborg and her husband even attended a WWE event back in February but WWE officials denied the two sides were talking. In a new interview with Sherdog, Cyborg commented on her interest in WWE. She said:

“I like the WWE. If they had an opportunity for me, I’d do it. I was interested in doing [more than one event] with the WWE, but now I’m fighting again, so I’m going to do that.”


 TMZ reports today that a judge has banned 61-year-old Lee Silber from being near WWE DivaMaryse for three years. They note that The Miz, Maryse’s boyfriend, was with her in court. Here is their report:
The man accused of stalking WWE star Maryse Ouellet has been legally banned from going anywhere close to the beauty for the next 3 years … TMZ has learned.
An L.A. County Superior Court judge granted Maryse’s request for a restraining order against 61-year-old Lee Silber this morning — requiring the guy to stay at least 300 feet away from the Diva … for the next 3 years.
As we previously reported, Ouellet claims Silber has been harassing her constantly — leaving more than 50 delusional voicemails on her cell phone … and sending her increasingly scary letters, promising to track her down in L.A. and “take me to heaven with him.”
Several attempts to reach Silber were unsuccessful.
UPDATE: Maryse was accompanied to court by WWE superstar The Miz. On their way out of the courthouse, both WWE stars were pretty tight-lipped, but seemed satisfied with the result.


Well well guys its rainy Wednesday and I am back with my Superstar of the week..... In WWE if ever there is a list of people who threw their bodies to wreckage and entertained fans, i think this person will be the first of them.... our superstar of the week is none other than the Rated - R superstar EDGE.......
He went from being a novice in Canada to being a multi time tag champ. he and Christian filled arenas with their innovative style used in TLC and went on to become the most decorated Tag Team in pro wrestling. Even as a singles wrestler he proved to be Championship material with winning numerous championships, aa record of 31 of them which truly is his greatness... here are some of his career highlights

He wrestled in independent circuits with a tag team known as Sex and Violence and later Thug Life.
He debuted in WWE in 1998 and was quickly placed in a feud with the Gangrel.
He, Gangrel and Christian Cage later formed a stable known as the Brood.
He won his first singles title, Intercontinental Title by defeating Jeff Jarett.
during this tym he and Christian feuded with Hardy Boyz and Dudley Boyz as they had many of the series of TLC matches.
They turned their persona into tweeners and used to give a very famous "Five Second Pose" before their matches.
He went on to win the KOTR 2001 and this made him Christian turn on Edge and made Edge into a singles competitor.
He was later drafted to Smackdown where he had an infamous feud with Kurt Angle that culminated into a Hair vs Hair match that Edge won.
He formed a tag team wid Rey Mysterio which had a classic match with Kurt and (CB- u knw whom i meant) which was voted the match of the year.

He suffered a legitimate neck injury which kept him out of action for almost a year.
He returned back to feud with HBK as he was upset that he didn't get a shot @ Triple H's WHC title.
he participated in his first EC match in 2004 but, was the first to be eliminated after HBK performed a super kick.
He won the inaugural MITB match @ WM21 which guaranteed him a title shot at anyplace anywhere of his choice.
He was then involved in a feud with Kane over his wife Lita whom Edge was romantically linked to (it was a real life incident too).
He cashed his MITB contract after the New Years Revolution EC match against the WWE Champ John Cena to win his first WWE title.
He then had major feuds with Mick Foley (WM), Cena and Triple H (Backlash) which gave a major lift to Edge's career.
He then joined forces with Randy Orton to feud with newly formed two man DX and beat them for Tag team titles.
He defeated Mr. Kennedy to win his second MITB and cashed it aginst The Undertaker to win his first WHC.
He suffered a torn pectoral muscle and hence vacated the title.
He made his return @ Survivor Series by interfering in a HIAC b/w Taker and Batista and later joined forces with Vickie Guerrero to form La Familia.
He then had notable feud with Triple H which led him to turn on La Familia and as a result was scheduled in HIAC with Undertaker @ SS which he lost.
After SS he took time off but made return @ Survivor Series as a replacement to Jeff Hardy and went on to defeat Triple H for his WWE title in a Triple Threat match that also involved Kozlov.
He suffered a torn Achilles Tendon which kept him out of action for an year.
He made a grand entry to RR 2009 and went on to win it and became only second person to win both KOTR and RR.

He was also involved in major storylines with Chris Jericho on SD and Orton on Raw.
He wrestled his last last match against ADR @ WM 26.
The next week on SD Edge announced his retirement cos of cervical spinal stenosis, which may further turn to paralysis.
He helped Christian win his first World title in a ladder match against ADR post retirement.

Edge was one of the most decorated performers in WWE and his accomplishments below are the ones to speak:

He is a 11 time World Champ ( 7 WHC & 4 WWE titles).
He is also 5 time IC and 1 US title.
He has won a record 14 tag titles (12 World tag titles & 2 WWE tag titles).
He is one of the two wrestlers to have held every single male title in WWE (the other being Kurt Angle).
He is the only second person to have won KOTR and RR (the other being Triple H).
He is the first and only person to have won KOTR, RR and MITB.
He is the first person to hold 2 MITB contracts (the other being CM Punk till date).
He is the only second person to have successfully defended WHC inside EC (the first being Triple H).
He is also sadly the first MITB winner to lose his title to another MITB holder.

By looking into all of hs achievements, its sad that he had to retire because of injuries. I hope his afterlife will be better... miss you EDGE...... we love you