Sunday, May 29, 2011


WWE announced today that they will be opening new offices in Mumbai, India on June 1st. Rukn Kizilbash has been named the General Manager of WWE India and he will be spearheading the company’s expansion there. Kizilbash will report to Dominic Hayes, Senior VP and Managing Director of WWE International.

Kizilbash has in the past worked for Percept, Ten Sports, IMG and ESPN Star Sports.


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Christian on his brief reign as World Heavyweight Champion and the fans outcry over the quick change: “Obviously, I kind of look at it two ways. There are very few people that ever have a chance to become World Heavyweight Champion. I did that, got a taste of it, I know what it takes to get to that point now and the way I look at it, I stay positive about it and I look forward to being able to call myself a two-time World Heavyweight Champion.”

“I was really surprised by the outpouring of all the stuff on Twitter, all those sorts of things. It was pretty surprising. I think a lot of it happened before…..obviously, the show is done on Tuesday and shown on Friday, so there are a lot of things people were going on hearsay before the show even aired, before they even saw it, so you kind of have to take that with a grain of salt.”

“I think Randy and I have great chemistry and going forward there should be some exciting times for myself. I look forward to the challenges, and like I said, I got a taste of being World Heavyweight Champion. I know what it takes to get there and I look forward to being the World Champion again`. I won’t stop until it happens.”

Christian on if it was bittersweet that he won the title after Edge was forced to vacate it: “Of course, it was a tough pill to swallow. He’s my best friend. We’ve known each other since we were in sixth grade. I knew that he was having issues with tingling and things like that in his arms. He had neck surgery years ago, so I think he realized that at some point, it may come back to bother him again at some point in his career. The day after Wrestlemania he went and had everything checked out and it turned out he had the spinal stenosis and the whole thing and he was in serious risk of permanent damage to himself. All it takes is a fall, or to do something one wrong way and the risk of paralysis was even there. Nothing is worth that type of risk.”

“He called me right after he got the news and obviously he was very upset about it. We got off the phone and I started thinking about it a little bit. I called him back and I said I understand why you’re upset, but you can look at it two ways. You can look at it that way or you can look at it this way. Your career has been amazing. There’s not many people that can say they had the type of career you had, done the things that you’ve done. You’ve always done things the way you wanted to do them. If this is it, your last match was at Wrestlemania in front of seventy thousand plus people in one of the main events, and you walked out as the World Heavyweight Champion. I said I don’t know if you can write a better ending to a script than that. And he’s like ‘Man, I didn’t even think about that.’, and right away I think he kind of felt better about it. It took him a couple days to kind of let it sink in, but that being said, he realizes there’s not much he can do about it now except look forward to the future.”

“None of us were expecting any of this to happen, it just happened and it’s one of those things where when you get a chance to step up, you gotta step up and I feel like I did.”

Christian one if he is more over now than he has ever been: “I think people know that every time I go out there, I leave it all in the ring, regardless. So I think there’s a certain respect with that and I think that’s just grown over the years because I feel like over the course of my career…..people know that I never take a night off. I’m out there every night working my butt off trying to do what I do, and that is entertain every single person that paid their hard earned money for a ticket. So I think people realize that and I think over time, I feel like that’s grown, definitely.”


 There has been talk of having John Cena be CM Punk’s last feud, should Punk leave WWE at the end of the Summer when his contract expires. There has even been talk of having Punk wrestle Cena in his final match, putting him over, if things get that far without Punk re-signing.


Kharma is advertised to speak next Monday on RAW. released the following statement:

“Live on the next Raw, the WWE Universe will hear from the baleful behemoth, Kharma, about her unexpected emotional breakdown last Monday. What will the devastator of Divas say about her tearful episode?”


 WWE Champion John Cena recently spoke with Here are some highlights:

His character:
“I don’t market myself as the coolest guy out there or the most edgy guy out there. Sports and entertainment have become such a business of branding. You have a lot of people watching your every action, and I’m proud of that. I take a lot of pride in how I present myself.”

The Attitude Era vs. Now:
“The Attitude Era was when the fans became teens. The Attitude Era was really generation-specific. I’m not taking anything away from that — it was 18-to-35-year-old males, and now we’re a broader audience, really more like it was in the ’80s.”

WWE All Stars and Andre the Giant:
“The game is unreal. If you just look at the timeline; those people loved the WWE, and they are my age and a little bit older, and they are starting to have family, and all of those young kids are getting interested in the program. He (Andre the Giant) made such an impression on me. He is the one guy that I would have loved to show what I could do.”


WWE Smackdown (Airing Friday)
Randy orton kicked off the show. Before he could get going, Christian interrupted. Christian congratulated orton for their match on Sunday. Then he said the match could have gone either way. He issued a challenge, but Sheamus interrupted. And then Mark Henry interrupted the interruption.

We get some GM action with Teddy Long, who mentioned it was deja vu with the same guys arguing about the world title. Long said Christian will have to earn the title shot by booking a Triple Threat between Henry, Sheamus, and Christian for tonight.

Sin Cara beat Chavo Guerrero. Sin Cara came out to a huge pop for the Over The Limit rematch. The mood lighting was in full effect. Sin Cara won after the head-scissors takedown.

Cody Rhodes came out and the brown bag crew followed closely behind. He cut a quick promo about how unattractive the crowd was. I can’t fault him for that one. Daniel Bryan interrupted and received a bigger pop than Sin Cara did.

Daniel Bryan defeated Cody Rhodes. Bryan won the match with the LeBell Lock. Cody jumped Bryan after the match. He tagged him with CrossRhodes on the floor and then gave him the brown bag treatment.

They threw to the idiotic Capitol Punishment video.

Booker T entered the ring after a great Tribute to the Troops video. He “invites” Michael Cole to step into the ring. Coke obliged. Book reminded us of Cole’s loss at the pay-per-view. He was shocked at Cole’s apology, and gave him big props. He wanted to give Cole a chance to apologize again to the Smackdown audience. Booker short-armed the handshake and showed the picture of Cole with King’s foot in his mouth. Booker presented him with some Altoids.

Backstage interview with Christian, who talked about how he was always the last kid picked but made the most of it and proved everyone wrong.

Kane beat Great Khali (w/Ranjin Singh). Khali wasn’t dancing, but his brother was. Kane’s pyro knocked the Tron out of whack, its vertical hold was messed up. Total bumps for Khali: one! Jinder Mahal came out after the match. He spoke in his native tongue and then then shoved Singh. Khali came to Ranjin’s defense only to crush his head. Jinder and Khali left together.

Ezekiel Jackson defeated Heath Slater by DQ. Zeke dominated the match and had Slater in the Torture Rack until other Corre members ran in for the DQ. Zeke fought them off. Wade Barrett did not enter the ring.

Backstage with Sheamus. He spoke about how he achieved in a few months what took Henry and Christian their whole lives to accomplish.

Alicia Fox and Tamina defeated A.J. and Kaitlyn (w/Natalya). The Slam of the Week featured Kharma crying on Raw. Ugh. Natalya came out with A.J. and Kaitly, and entered to her music. Alicia pinned Kaitlyn after an axe kick. No Kharma. Boo!!!

Sheamus beat Christian and Mark Henry.Sheamus won in a three-way match to become #1 contender to the World Title.