Friday, January 28, 2011


Radio personalities John Boy & Billy are filing opposition to WWE’s registration to trademark “Big Show” because that’s the name of their successful radio show that airs in various markets across the country.


Diamond Dallas Page noted on Twitter yesterday that WWE’s upcoming Nitro DVD box set will highlight WCW’s Monday show in it’s entirety, from 1995 until 2001.
He wrote: “I’m already getting hit with Questions! Ha! This “Best of Nitro” is a DVD box collection that will include the years 95/96, 97/98 & 99/2001″
DDP also talked about having dinner with Steve Austin this week: “I can’t believe I forgot to tweet having dinner with Stone Cold last night… We had a blast… We ate, Drank and Laughed Our Asses Off!”


Actor Jamie Kennedy noted on Twitter yesterday that he was filming re-shoots for the WWE Studios movie Breaking the Rules. That movie stars Edge and is now scheduled to be released some time later this year. The action-comedy movie was formerly named Chasing the Hawk. Edge plays a New Orleans lawyer who loses a classic car that is special to him and then goes out to find it.


Jim Ross will be the special referee for the dark main event at the RAW live event in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on March 13th. That match is being advertised as The Miz vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title.


As noted before, the January 24th RAW scored a 3.29 rating with 4.90 million viewers.
In a segment breakdown, the end of the opening Nexus-Corre showdown and the tag match with Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio vs. Mark Henry & John Morrison lost 679,000 viewers. Melina vs. Natalya for the Divas Title gained 76,000 viewers while backstage segments with John Cena and Nexus lost 63,000 viewers.
The champion vs. champion match with Edge vs. The Miz gained 42,000 viewers, which is a disappointment as the usual 10pm segment gains around 500,000 viewers.
Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Nexus lost 262,000 viewers while CM Punk vs. Wade Barrett with Cena as referee gained 423,000 more. The big brawl at the end of the show gained 798,000 viewers and finished with a 3.87 overrun rating.


There’s a rumor going around that WWE is interested in fitness guru Jillian Michaels for the return of Tough Enough. The unsubstantiated rumor notes that WWE would like her to do something similar to her role on reality show The Biggest Loser.


WWE Champion The Miz recently spoke to Brian Fritz of to promote the Royal Rumble. Here are some highlights:
You’ve told the story before about when you first came to the WWE that there were various people in the locker room who were not very supportive of you. What is the locker room like now when it comes to you and where you are at this point of your career?
The locker room is great now. It’s completely different because a lot of those veterans are gone, that old school mentality is kind of gone and it’s a whole new school kind of attitude and feel. It’s fresh, it’s new, it’s exciting and the locker room is pretty good. I mean, obviously, you still have a couple of jealous, wandering eyes who see me and see that I have the title. Obviously, everybody wants that. Everybody wants my spot so I have a target on my back which is fine. I’m more than willing to have a target on my back. The fact is, you’re going to miss every time because I’m still going to be the WWE Champion for a very long time.
You talked about how you changed your look and how important that has been for you. Please explain to me the popularity of John Cena and him still being able to wear jorts (jean shorts)?
I know. How do you wear jorts? That style left in the 80′s or the 90′s and he just keeps trying to being them back and the poor guy has no style. I mean, he has ugly purple and orange and whatever shirts he comes up with but the kids love it. The kids can wear exactly what we wears. Let’s face it, there’s no bigger I guess you can say than John Cena besides me. If you can get away with wearing jean shorts nowadays you must be pretty confident in yourself.
Have there been any particular guys in the WWE that have helped influence you? For me, I think I see some characteristics in you from Chris Jericho and various things he did. Did he influence you or was there anyone else that did?
Yeah, I still talk to Jericho a lot. When he came back that last time, that really influenced me a lot as well as Shawn Michaels. I’ve always been a big fan of The Rock. Those guys kind of influenced me as well as working with John Cena. Last year, I had a whole program with John Cena. Working with him taught me a lot at what I had to get, where I had to go to become a top talent in the WWE and become a main evener.


WWE star Triple H was interviewed by’s “Heavy Muscle Radio” show earlier this month and spoke to host Dave Palumbo about a number of topics. Here are some highlights of what Triple H talked about:
– He guaranteed that he will not want to be like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, who wrestle into their 60s. Hunter said he and Shawn Michaels agreed to tell the other when it was time to hang it up, and he said he never had to have that conversation with Shawn.
– Regarding his in ring return, he said, Hopefully the goal is sometime in the spring to come back.”
– He currently does not have a lot to do with WWE’s creative process, but has been in charge of running a few WWE shows.
– Consistent with what’s been reported recently, Triple H said that father-in-law Vince McMahon has been pushing him to take a bigger role in WWE’s front office, “to learn the other side of the business.” He is at the WWE office in Stanford for the majority of the week and attends many of WWE’s televised shows.
– Hunter also revealed details on how he injured his biceps, which has kept him out of action for months. His doctors initially believed it was nerve damage related to a neck injury. The injury occurred during a light workout, just weeks into filming a movie for WWE. WWE doctor Dr. James Andrews looked at the injured arm and said he could not finish shooting the movie without having surgery first.
– He spoke about his new daughter, Vaughn Evelyn Levesque. After 3 girls, he does want a boy and says he and Stephanie have a great name planned, but wouldn’t’ share it. Originally, Stephanie wanted five kids and he wanted two. He said they’re not sure about having more children.