Sunday, July 17, 2011


 John Cena became upset yesterday after discovering a remark on his Twitter timeline poking fun at mentally handicapped children. It read: "The kids that ride the short bus to my nieces elementary school r the only 1s I see wearin @johncena shirts. They were jipped twice in life!" 

He responded to the Twitter user who wrote the comment: "I could give two sh*ts about the tee shirt thing but I think that is the worst thing I've ever heard someone say. I am officially sick. RJ, say whatever u want about me...but really, that bullsh*t was way out of line. Karma works in strange ways my man." 

WWE HAVING PROBLEMS TRADEMARKING SIN CARA NAME is reporting that WWE is having some difficulty trademarking the name "Sin Cara," as the company has apparently failed to do so properly.

The report notes that WWE applied for the Trademark back in February of this year, but the USPTO responded to the application by saying that WWE needed to clarify whether or not the trademark applies to a living person.

The USPTO noted, "Written consent is required for registration of a name, including a pseudonym, stage name or nickname, or signature, if the name or signature identifies a specific living individual." To which, WWE responded by saying, "The name(s), portrait(s), and/or signature(s) shown in the mark does not identify a particular living individual. The mark represents a stage name that is owned by Applicant." 

This apparently was not good enough as the USPTO responded to WWE by saying the company needs to submit written consent from Sin Cara himself to trademark the name. WWE has 6 months to follow-up on this matter.


WWE Champion John Cena tweeted the following on Saturday, making a hard sell for this weekend's highly anticipated Money in the Bank pay-per-view event:

"CeNation. Just past Kenosha. Former home of AMC. They made some bad ass rides, as well as the gremlin. The lines are drawn for sunday, as they always are, but this time seems more emotional." 

"As long as there are those who will fight with me.. I will continue to give you everything I have. Regardless, for or against, people will talk about what happens tomorrow for years."