Sunday, October 16, 2011


Its so good to watch,
These wrestlers during fights!
From its beginning till now,
WWE has reached new heights.

I watch every episode of it,
And miss matches very rare,
Its awesome to see matches,
Like Tables Ladders and Chairs!

WWE has its extravaganza,
Wrestlemania is its name!
Undertaker never lost in it,
From his first match as he came.


Randy Orton and John Cena,
These two champions I've seen,
And millions support them with enthusiasm,
Whether its an adult or a teen.

I could write a book on this,
Which will even rhyme,
But neither have I space right now,
Nor have much time.

So just wanted to say this,
That WWE Universe is too big!
Its a dynamite in our lives,
That has been timely rigged!


With Twitter such a big part in pro wrestling these days, CM Punk spoke with Gizmodo while in Australia last week about how wrestlers are using the social networking site these days. Here are some highlights:

“You know, I was so anti-Twitter for the longest time, because I like to try and stay old-school, and I’ve always tried to approach things in a ‘What Would Harley Race Do’ kinda way. Harley Race wouldn’t have a Twitter! Dick Murdoch wouldn’t have a Twitter! But then, if you really try and sit down and think about it — they didn’t have those things because they weren’t around then. I have the ability to be in contact with like 330,000 people — and that’s kinda wild! It’s like everybody knows what you are doing at every possible time. I will admit there’s a lot of stupidity on Twitter, but it’s really a fascinating tool.”

Separating in-character and out-of-character:
“Well, I think it’s quite easy for me. I’m not some crazy person who thinks, you know, I am not Phil Brooks anymore [CM Punk's real name] but I got into wrestling because I could pick a cool nickname and be a GI Joe guy! All the GI Joe guys had codenames – CM Punk is my codename. At the same time, I’m not playing someone. I’m not a phoney Russian! I’m not an astronaut, I’m not a clown, I’m a straight-edge kid from Chicago. I’m a pro wrestler.”

Is WWE worried about Punk on Twitter?
“I work Twitter like I work every day – I don’t have a filter between my mouth and my brain, I just spit stuff out. I do this on live tv and I do it on Twitter. I’ve yet to be reprimanded, but I’m probably getting a text right now! The WWE monitors it, and think that’s probably a good thing — we don’t want one of the Divas getting a stalker or something and that kind of thing is a reality. I’m glad they monitor it, but I’m really not too sure if they’re paying attention to me or not!”