Thursday, March 28, 2013


WWE also announced a 8-person mixed tag team match for WrestleMania 29 featuring Brodus Clay & Tensai & The Funkadactyls vs. Team Rhodes Scholars & The Bella Twins.


Big Show discussed WrestleMania being held in the New York area during an interview with Sports Illustrated.

"New York and New Jersey fans are like no other fans anywhere in the world. It's funny because New York is known for being competitive. New York likes champions. If you're not pulling your weight, New York lets you know. Trust me: If you have a crappy match, New York fans will let you know right in the middle of it. They'll chant boring. They'll chant you suck. They'll chant you messed up. The pressure to do well is always a little bit higher in New York. But like anything, that pressure makes you better.

So the only thing that I'm a little concerned about is the weather. Because, you know, I'm not wearing much. I'm wearing Spandex. It's gonna be a little chilly out there."


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on Here are some highlights.

Terry Funk Inducting Mick Foley: "Great choice by Mick Foley to select Terry Funk to induct Mr. Foley's baby boy at the 2013 WWE HOF induction ceremony. The Funker is Mick's mentor and idol. I think it's pretty cool when a Hall of Fame inductee can actually have their all time favorite wrestler, their father like figure within the business and their role model as it relates to in ring style and approach to the game induct them."

Ric Flair's Medical Situation: "Got a text from Ric Flair early this morning and Naitch is feeling great and has been provided medication to dissolve the blood clot that is in his leg. The doctor's are highly optimistic that the meds will do the trick and eliminate a potentially, dangerous issue. Ric and I will get together Wednesday evening in Jersey to catch up which is one of our WrestleMania traditions."

Fandango vs. Y2J: "Fandango is a lightning rod right now because many or perhaps a few vocal 'fans' don't like the TV persona even though they have yet to see it fully on display in a match of significance. I'm of the persuasion that I'll reserve my opinions until I actually see the talent get it on bell to bell. Chris Jericho is the perfect opponent to perform with Fandango at WM29 because Jericho is all about stealing the show ala the great @ShawnMichaels no matter Y2J's role. Fandango can also expect Jericho to beat the hell out of him along the way. Believe that!"

The Rock vs. John Cena: "Enjoying the serious nature that the Rock/Cena rivalry has taken the past few weeks and it is a departure from 2012 or so it seems to me. Closing a WrestleMania with such high expectations and having a 'different' match than last year are tremendous responsibilities notwithstanding the fact that the match is for the WWE Title which should be the primary issue. Cena vs. Rock is a target of varying levels of controversy from some fans but pales in comparison to what their own peers will place upon the show closers in their own matches at WM29."


Besides appearing in the Legends Q&A segment on Monday's RAW, WWE was also considering an angle for Ric Flair with The Miz. Flair was to be ringside for The Miz vs. Wade Barrett match.


CM Punk was interviewed by Mark Madden earlier today. Here are some highlights from the interview.

You don’t need a win or a title to stay over with the fans. Is that a blessing or a curse?

I think it’s a curse. 

Madden said Punk is the “best talker out there” yet he’s paired with Paul Heyman, who is also a great talker. Madden asked how that’s not overkill.

Punk said he’s not sure if he’s the best talker out there and an argument could be made that Paul Heyman is the best. Punk said the friendship that he and Heyman have off-screen really shines through in their work together.

When you were in my studio years ago you agreed that you were not a wrestling lifer. Do you still feel that way or have you become a safer? 

No I don’t want to be a lifer. I just feel like I’m one of those guys that gets bored easy. So what’s the next mountain?


The three-hour RAW shows are said to be taking a toll on the WWE crew and they've become a dreaded event every week. The feeling is that RAW will stay three-hours at least through SummerSlam.


Daniel Bryan joined Michael Cole and The Miz on commentary.

Antonio Cesaro yodeled on his way to the ring in an effort to bring some culture to America.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Kane (w/ Daniel Bryan) in a non-title match.The two men tried to overpower each other to start, and Kane got the better of Cesaro until Cesaro was able to drag Kane into a turnbuckle.

Cesaro went to the drop rope and jumped for a flying chop, but Kane countered with uppercut. Kane put Cesaro in a nerve pinch as the show went to its first commercial… [C]

Back from the break, Cesaro took control after hitting a high knee on Kane. Cesaro began going through his move set while mixing in some celebratory yodeling.

Kane began making his comeback and went for his flying clothesline only to eat a European uppercut from Cesaro…

Back from another break, Cesaro yodeled as he had Kane in a rest hold. Kane battled out and attempted a chokeslam, but Cesaro countered with a gutwrench suplex. Cesaro ran the ropes and got caught in a tilt-o-whirl powerslam from Kane.

Kane went for and hit his flying clothesline. He called for a chokeslam but AJ's music hit and she skipped around the ring. Cesaro tried to capitalize on the distraction with a Neutralizer, but Kane backdropped Cesaro and hit a chokeslam for the pinfall victory.

Kane defeated Antonio Cesaro in 17:11.

Cole and Miz recapped Jack Swagger's attacks on Ricardo Rodriguez from the past two weeks…

A brief recap of Triple H's promo on Raw aired…

Cole and Miz discussed Wade Barrett and Miz announced that he would get a shot at Wade Barrett's Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania…

Matt Striker asked Sheamus discussed Big Show joining Sheamus and Randy Orton against The Shield at WrestleMania. Sheamus said he was a bit hasty last week and that if he and his two teammates could be on the same page for one night, then The Shield would be in for the fight of their life…

Naomi and Cameron introduced Brodus Clay and Sweet T as "Tons of Funk." The four did their full entrance as the show went to commercial… [C]

Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes made their entrance and mocked Tons of Funk for their weight. Sandow introduced The Bella Twins as the women that would bring class back to the Diva's division.

The Bella Twins vs. Cameron and Naomi.Cameron started the match with one of the Bellas and controlled the action briefly, but the Bella managed to capitalize when her sister distracted Cameron.

The Bellas took control and worked a series of quick tags to wear down Cameron. Ceameron eventually got the hot tag to Naomi, who took a Bella out with a flurry of offence. Cody hopped on the apron and Naomi slapped his mustache twice. A Bella took advantage of the distraction and botched a roll-up to win the match…

The Bellas defeated Cameron and Naomi in 3:51

A replay of the Raw-closing Q&A session between The Rock, John Cena, and a host of WWE Legends aired…