Wednesday, October 5, 2011


 CM Punk re-tweeted his rant last night on Twitter without the cuss words. He wrote:“Retweeting rant sans cuss words for the kids. Also to piss people off and hear them tell me I’m soft. I am not Gandhi, I will kick your face.”


 CM Punk is scheduled to feud with WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio for the next few WWE pay-per-views and the company is getting ready to go “full blown” with his push after being surprised by recent merchandise numbers.

There has been a lot of talk that Punk will win the WWE Title in late 2011 or early 2012 and carry it into WrestleMania 28.

WWE officials do not want the WWE Title to be a part of John Cena and The Rock’s match at WrestleMania.


CM Punk, who was not at ringside for the walkout, wrote the following on his Twitter account this evening regarding last night’s RAW.

“I think a lot of people are missing the point. Fans and coworkers alike. Walking out is a pussy move. There’s a huge difference in what I did. I want change, and I can’t change shit from my couch. I’m in the fox hole. I’m getting it done. I stayed to fight and I’m fighting for change. You can protest, violently or peacefully without actually showing up. Walking out isn’t a solution at least not one that I’ve ever seen work. Hold ‘em up. Make them change. Don’t just walk out, or lay down. Fight. This goes for fans as well. Bored? Don’t like @johncena ? Want more @ZackRyder ? Show up and be heard. Don’t be a pussy and just tweet about it.

I want change, and I’ll stand and fight for it even if I’m alone. Popular or unpopular, I could care less. Take your voting and shove it. Actions speaks louder than words. Except mine. My words are pretty awesome. No think about all that, and hopefully you’ll get it. #fight

Too many tweets from me. Misspellings abound. You CAN’T protest without showing up. I am not Gandhi. I will kick your face. Don’t like HHH as COO? Punch him in the face. I did. It’s wrestling, not the NBA. #fight Next high kick to Johnny “Funkhauser” Ace won’t be an accident.”


* SmackDown opens with Teddy Long and Zack Ryder backstage, talking about the walkout on RAW. Teddy says RAW’s loss will be SmackDown’s gain and Ryder chimes in.

* Vickie Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes, David Otunga, Wade Barrett and Christian are in the ring to heat from the crowd. They talk about their grievances and threaten to boycott all WWE events because of unsafe working conditions, unless Triple H resigns as WWE COO.

* WWE champ Alberto Del Rio comes out and says that the Smackdown stars won’t return to Raw as long as HHH is COO. He’s here to show Smackdown what Raw will be missing this Monday. Teddy Long comes out and announces Sheamus & Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes & Christian as tonight’s main event, but says that since Del Rio wants to be in action tonight, he will face Sin Cara.

*WWE champion Alberto Del Rio defeated Sin Cara. After the match, Black Cara attacked Blue Cara.

*Backstage, Matt Striker interviewed WWE Tag Team champions Air Boom, asking them why they walked out on Raw. They said it was a culmination of many things but until HHH steps down, the fans won’t see Air Boom anywhere but Smackdown.

*Jack Swagger and WWE United States champion Dolph Ziggler defeated WWE Tag Team champions Air Boom in a non title match. The champions were attacked as they made their entrance and were on the defensive for most of the match.

*WWE Divas champion Beth Phoenix defeated Alicia Fox in 30 seconds. After the match, Fox was trapped in Beth’s submission while Natalya screamed at her on the mic to cry and scream.

* Big Show comes out and talked about returning, then challenges Mark Henry. Mark Henry came out and says he will deal with Big Show when he’s ready but Show doesn’t deserve a World Heavyweight Title shot.

* Randy Orton is interviewed by Matt Striker and is asked why he didn’t participate on the walkout at RAW. Orton says he will deal with Triple H personally, if he has issues with him.

* Big Show comes back out and says he wants Mark Henry tonight. This appeared to be an addition or re-tape to the previous segment.

*Ezekiel Jackson pinned Jinder Mahal.

* John Laurinaitis shows up in Teddy Long’s office to offer his support.

* Hornswoggle and Booker T entertain the crowd in the ring, likely a segment for just us in the crowd. They both do Spinaroonies.

* Sheamus and Randy Orton beat Cody Rhodes and Christian.

* Mark Henry and Big Show had a staredown and teased a brawl to end the show.