Wednesday, August 10, 2011


As noted before, The Baltimore Sun wrestling writer Kevin Eck has been hired by WWE for the creative team. Eck will be the person that works with Triple H on talent grooming that we have wrote about recently. Word is that Eck will start with WWE the day after SummerSlam.


Triple H is serious on introducing new talents through vignettes and promos. It’s also being said that Triple H is interested in reviving the WWE Tag Team division. Word is that they are really starting to recruit tag teams and see if some names are under contract to other promotions.

There has been talk internally about The Brisco Brothers but they are signed to Ring of Honor. There has also been a lot of talk about TNA’s Beer Money and bringing them in once they are able to get away from TNA.

Regarding the Kings of Wrestling – Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli coming, the talk is that they will indeed be brought in together as a tag team and not singles wrestlers.


Well its Wednesday and this week its special because i m going to discuss about a superstar who has definitely changed the landscape of this industry, He stands second in my the best list (off course the first is Triple H)... this man is a true genius in whatever he does and is internationally acclaimed for that.... well i m talking about "The Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla" - Y2J Chris Jericho.

You give him Mic he rocks, make him face he will make you smile, be villain he will make you boo out of ur hearts. thats what is the ability of Jericho... now lets see some of his career highlights..........

He started wrestling at 19 in Hart Brothers School of Wrestling along with the likes of Lance Storm, Edge, Christian, Rhino.
He then moved to CMLL to learn Lucha Libre style in 1992.
He wrestled his first match in ECW after being recommended by Benoit and Perry Saturn to Paul Heyman (who else is a Paul Heyman guy!!).
He then moved to WCW and wrestled with the likes of Rey Mysterio, Disco Inferno.
In WCW he was involved in a lengthy and one of the best feuds with Dean Malenko who was known as a man of 1000 holds.
He then moved to WTC and left the company briefly after a squash match loss against Goldberg.
After spending 3 years in WCW, Japanese promotions he finally signed to WWF(E).
He debuted in what is known to be the most historic entrances in WWE, when he interrupted The Rock's promo on Aug 9, 1999 edition claiming himself to be "The Countdown to the new Millennium".
He lost his first title shot against Chyna but later a controversial win made both of them the co - owners of the Intercontinental title.
He had an intense feud with Triple H which lasted in Jericho losing a LMS match to him.
He and Benoit then defeated Triple H and SCSA to win their first WWF(E) Tag team titles.
He then had a intense feud with his co worker in the Invasion angle, The Rock which lasted for about a year.
During this time at Vengeance, he defeated The Rock for WCW title and SCSA for WWF title in one night to become the first ever Undisputed WWF Champ.

He later lost the title to the 2002 RR winner Triple H when he defeated Jericho at WM X - 8.
He continued his feud with Triple H and ended the feud when he lost to Triple H in HIAC match at Judgement Day.
His next feud with HBK ended at WM XIX following a loss to HBK.
He had notable feuds with Goldberg (reminiscent of WCW) and Christian (for Lita) which turned him fan favorite.
He then feuded with Evolution stable and later with John Cena which ultimately led Jericho to leave WWE following his loss to Cena in a You're fired match.
He returned to WWE in 2007 interrupting Randy Orton's promo in what is dubbed as The Second Coming.
He then renewed his feud with HBK by attacking him in his "Highlight Reel" segment.
During his feud with HBK he won the WHC title in a Championship scramble match and later lost it to returning John Cena at 2008 SS.
He was fired by Stephanie Mcmahon as a result of verbal abuse to her but was later re hired by VKM following an apology.
He then had a lengthy feud with Rey Mysterio Jr. which culminated in Jericho defeating Rey by a seated senton and Codebreaker to win his 9th IC title.
Later at Extreme Rules he and Edge won the Unified tag titles but, Edge was replaced by Big Show following a torn Achilles tendon.
His long reign of Unified titles came to an end when he and Big Show lost the titles to DX (Triple H and Micheals) in a TLC match at TLC PPV.
He won the EC match and WHC title by defeating The Undertaker following an interference by HBK.
He then feuded with the 2010 RR winner Edge whom he defeated at WM 25.
He eventually lost the WHC title to Jack Swagger who cashed in his MITB contract on Jericho following a spear by Edge.
He then had minor feuds with Cena and the Nexus before he left WWE following the expiry of his contract.
It is reported that Chris Jericho is scheduled to feature at the 2012 RR.

Apart from his expectional in ring work and mic abilities he was also a gentleman who helped many superstars in their career. he is also the lead vocalist of the heavy rock metal band "Fozzy". here are the list of his accomplishments.......
He has won 30 titles in total.
He is a six time WHC champ and a record nine time IC champ.
He is the first ever WWF Undisputed Champ.
He is also a fourth Grandslam and Ninth Triple Crown Champ.

after looking in all such accomplishments there my be hardly anyone who can dispute over Jericho's ability. He truly is one of the very best wrestling world has ever to offer, i would just say "All Hail The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla"


WWE Smackdown (Airing Friday)

Triple H came out and set up Ezekiel Jackson vs. Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Title, Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan, and Great Khali vs. Randy Orton. Christian came out to speak to Hunter.

Christian threatened that Hunter needed to change his SummerSlam match against Randy Orton or he would sue. Hunter told him he has no respect as the World Hvt. Champion, so the match is still on.

Sheamus beat Christian by countout. Christian wanted no part of Sheamus, so he got himself intentionally counted out while standing on the top of the entrance ramp.

Beth Phoenix and Natalya defeated Kaitlyn and A.J. Beth Phoenix pinned A.J. to get the win for her team.

There was a backstage segment with Teddy Long, Zack Ryder, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, and Aksana.

There was also a segment with Mark Henry and Johnny Curtis backstage. They will meet later in the show.

Sin Cara defeated Tyson Kidd. Mike said it didn’t seem like anyone knew the difference between this Sin Cara and the real Sin Cara, assuming they used someone else under the mask because the real Sin Cara is suspended.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Daniel Bryan, Bryan missed a top rope move. Del Rio got the win via submission.

Cody Rhodes defeated Ezekiel Jackson to win the Intercontinental Title. It appeared Dylan Drake of was passing out the paper bags at ringside. Cody got the win with CrossRhodes to become the new champion. I smell a rematch at SummerSlam.

Backstage, Randy Orton said he will unleash his anger at SummerSlam. He then discussed his match against Great Khali.

Mark Henry beat Johnny Curtis. Sheamus came out to stop “Shamu” and wanted him to take on the great white tonight instead of at SummerSlam.

Randy Orton beat The Great Khali. Orton hit the RKO on Khali for the pin. Christian came out afterward and said he’s the best thing going.


 Chris Masters wrote the following on Twitter last night after CM Punk brought up his release on RAW: “CM Punk telling it like it is tonight.”

Regarding his release from WWE, Masters wrote the following on Sunday and teased TNA: “After a day of digesting,I must say WWE wasn’t doing anything with me.So its probably best I go make my IMpact somewhere else.”


As noted before, Melina was not allowed into the building at last night’s WWE RAW in San Jose. The feeling was that there would have been major drama about her release if they would have let her into the backstage area. The entire WWE security team was informed not to allow her entry. There was a concern that Melina would physically cause a problem backstage.

Also as noted earlier, WWE officials weren’t happy with Melina joining John Morrison over the weekend at RAW live events. Officials are very down on Morrison over the incident, feeling that it was a huge breach of backstage etiquette.

Morrison’s current deal with WWE is up in a few months and the recent heat adds to speculation that WWE won’t resign him. One source adds that Melina may have burnt her bridge with WWE after her reactions online to being released.


Former WWE Diva Melina’s first appearance since leaving WWE will be in New York City for the Family Wrestling Entertainment promotion on August 20th. She will be signing autographs and meeting fans. Former WWE Diva Jillian Hall will also be there.


The roster reveal for WWE ’12 will take place on August 13th at SummerSlam Fan Axxess in Los Angeles. The entire roster, including unlockable characters, will be revealed that day but downloadable content won’t be revealed until a later date. WWE and THQ’s Corey Ledesma noted on Twitter that there will also be one mystery Superstar that won’t be revealed until September.


 WWE Champion John Cena recently gave his support for the Divas after signing a petition on Twitter that asks WWE to give the Divas a chance. The Twit-ition currently has over 4,000 signatures.


A source at THQ reports that designs have been created for Brock Lesnar to appear in the new WWE ’12 video game. So far there is no talk of Lesnar appearing on WWE TV or doing anything WWE-related to promote the game.


Rey Mysterio had an MRI done over the weekend but as of yesterday, did not have the results back. Rey is reportedly very worried as it’s the same knee that he has had several surgeries on. We should know more later this week.


The Wrestling Observer reports that WWE officials were not happy with Melina joining John Morrison on the WWE live events this past weekend and as a result, did not allow her into the building for last night’s RAW in San Jose. Officials informed Melina that she was not welcome in the arena.

Melina confirmed on Twitter that she was told she couldn’t go into the arena to watch RAW but did hang outside of the building and meet some fans. She also added that she had the weekend trip with Morrison planned prior to being released from WWE on Friday.


Regarding SummerSlam only having 4 matches announced, word is that as of yesterday, that’s all the matches WWE had finalized. Creative had more matches lined up two weeks ago than they did yesterday at RAW. It’s expected that 2 or 3 more matches will be added but there’s also talk of having longer matches than usual.


Goldberg responded to yesterday’s reports that he would want to face Steve Austin in a return match,, after Goldberg made the comments back in March. He wrote on Twitter: “Austin would be a dream match. But let’s all be realistic.”