Thursday, February 17, 2011

CHAPERONE MOVIE REVIEW has reviewed WWE’s The Chaperone with Triple H, which opens on a limited release in theaters this Friday. Here’s what they wrote:

“You get a bargain two high-concepts for the price of one in this amiably lame offering from Stephen Herek, who, once upon a time, cooked up an excellent Adventure for Bill and Ted, then veered off into inspirational goo with Mr. Holland’s Opus. Alas, this family-redemption drama crossed with a runaway-bus teen-action comedy, based on a tepid script by playwright S.J. Roth, makes a beeline for pap and sticks there. Paul “Triple H” Levesque, a muscled slab of meat lightly touched with Schwarzeneggerian charm, plays Ray, an ex-con who emerges from jail fortified with psychobabble and resolved to make amends with the ex-wife (Annabeth Gish) and daughter (Ariel Winter) he abandoned years earlier. Literally dumping the keys to recidivism, Ray hauls his noble intentions and the usual bag full of illicit cash onto the bus carrying his daughter’s class to the New Orleans Museum of Art, with a sorely misused Kevin Corrigan as the hoodlum in hot pursuit. As a caper, The Chaperone grinds its gears horribly right up to the inevitable rescue by geeky kids armed with tech-toys. Father-daughter bonding proceeds on dreary schedule, but it might be worth hanging in there just for the pugnacious brio of Modern Family’s Winter as the angry offspring.”


Jim Ross commented more on The Rock’s future with WWE on his website:

“I don’t’ know the Rock’s exact role at WM27 other than I am confident it will be impactful even without him wrestling a match. He says that he is not going to wrestle again and I take Rock at his word. I feel he’s back for a one night only appearance for now but I can’t predict the future. Rock will never ‘emotionally’ leave WWE but his movie schedule, etc will likely never allow him to return full time. WM28 is too far off for me to even remotely comment or guess on what might happen. Now…head to the store and order some of the best tasting products known to man.

I think that Rock has wrestled his last match already. I do think that he will confront Cena at WM27 in some shape, form or fashion.”


Northeast Wrestling will be hosting a Shawn Michaels autograph signing in Middletown, New York on March 12th from the Crystal Run Galleria Mall at 11am until 2pm. More information can be found at


People were shocked backstage at the February 7th RAW when neither Kevin Dunn or Vince McMahon ordered wide shots on camera angles and zoomed in on CM Punk’s bloody face after his nose was broken.


 If it seems like Sheamus has been de-pushed lately, it’s because Kevin Dunn is not a fan of the former WWE Champion. When Sheamus ran away from Nexus a few months back, this led to Dunn having the idea that Sheamus would be wearing the attire that he currently wears.


Dolph Ziggler was coronated as the new World Heavyweight Champion at last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings, airing this Friday night on SyFy. Teddy Long then returned and ordered Dolph to defend the title immediately against Edge.

The match saw Edge defeat Ziggler and he was announced as the “new” World Heavyweight Champion. Long then fired Dolph Ziggler, which apparently leads to an open spot in Sunday’s Elimination Chamber match for the SmackDown brand.


Cody Rhodes returned from his storyline reconstructive face surgery wearing a Mankind-like mask and called out Rey Mysterio. They teased a big announcement for next week.