Thursday, February 24, 2011


WWE’s Florida Championship Wrestling has made several additions to it’s roster page:

* Russell Walker – formerly known as Reuben de Jong, 6 foot 10 inches and 310 lbs. He is a two-time strongman champion from New Zealand and has pro wrestling and MMA experience. He also holds the Guinness World Record for running through the most panes of glass in under one minute.

* Ricardo Rodriguez – Alberto Del Rio’s ring announcer who wrestles under that gimmick and the masked gimmick of Chimaera.

* Rick Victor – Formerly known as Apocalypse in OVW where he held the OVW Championship after they were no longer affiliated with WWE. Victor has trained in the Hart Dungeon.

* Erik Rowan – Independent wrestler from Minnesota, formerly known as Thoruf Marius. His look resembles something between a viking and one of The Highlanders.

* Jarrod Locke – Formerly known as Warrior on the UK version of Gladiators. He has a bit of a Samoan look.

* Jason Mullen – 7 foot tall and over 300 lbs. from Ireland, known as The Irish Nightmare. He has been wrestling since 2004 in Ireland.


 We noted before that The Undertaker appeared on the ramp and then disappeared during last night’s dark main event after the SmackDown tapings with Edge and Big Show vs. The Corre and Alberto Del Rio. Bill Wallace sent word that before he disappeared, Undertaker actually stopped Wade Barrett from leaving when he tried to leave the match and go to the back.


Paul Bearer recently took place in an interview with and here are a few of the highlights:

Going back to WWE last September: “As I always said never say never. The WWE contacted me about coming back and I told them no. Then they had some of my friends (Kane, Undertaker) call me too. After about 6 weeks of this I finally agreed to come back. I didn’t want to come back and work the long road schedule. I signed a 6 month contract, knew exactly what they were going to do with my character. It was fun to be back with the boys.”

Being abducted by Edge: “A lot of people kept saying, ‘Oh I can’t believe Edge hit you with a dodge ball in the head, I can’t believe he pour the marinara sauce all of you!’ Let me just say (not the I’m bragging) on top of my contract the WWE cut me a bonus check for all of that, I would say that bonus check for just that segment was more than anyone listening would make in a month, so I had no problem with it.”

His future involvement with WWE: “Like I said before, never say never but I’m happy now spending time with my family. I will be at Wrestlemania, not involved with the actual Wrestlemania show but I will be at the WWE Access that happens that weekend and I am looking forward to that!”

Paul also talks about his possible appearance in an upcoming WWE video game (WWE All Stars) and then takes a question from a fan. The question seemed to upset Paul and he quickly left the show. This prompted former WWF Superstar Jim Powers (who was listening to the show) to call into the show and sound off on Paul Bearer, John Cena and a number of other topics!


WWE continues to feul the hype around The Rock, John Cena, The Miz and WrestleMania 27 with a new Twitter list they have set up at The list’s description reads like this: “Follow tweets between WWE Champion The Miz, John Cena & The Rock leading up to WrestleMania XXVII!”