Saturday, August 13, 2011


Another Big Name "Attitude Era" WWE Star To Return In 2012?

Following a several year break, "The Informer" is once again in WWE Magazine. Though the monthly column largely consisted of made-up stories, it would at times correctly predict future storylines. The feature is now branded as "WWE gossip" and appears to be a mashup of kayfabe and legitimate backstage tales. Highlights from the October 2011 edition are as follows:

* "Would a certain A-list Hollywood celeb please stop calling our offices in hopes of landing a Raw guest-star slot? You had your chance already, pal!"

* "I hear a top-level, WWE Hall of Fame-bound Superstar suggested that Natalya use the double sharpshooter at 2010's WWE TLC."

* "During a recent photo shoot, a Superstar demanded that the makeup artist stop touching up the Divas and focus her attention on him!"

* "A source tells us that The Rock isn't the only Attitude Era Superstar planning to step in the ring in 2012. Hint: There's an "E" in his name."


Corinne Oliver, the woman who is accusing Heath Slater of attacking her during WrestleMania 27 weekend, tells WSBTV in Atlanta that the incident with Slater was the worst moment of her life. “When he grabbed me I immediately tried to grab his arms back, and I was saying ‘Turn me a loose.’ He wouldn’t turn me loose,” she said.

This is when Slater put her in a chokehold, she says. “I just started fighting with him, trying to get his arm from around my throat,” Oliver said. Oliver added that as she fought to get away, Slater kept begging her to go to his hotel room.


 Bill Goldberg is apparently making some sort of return to the wrestling world as he has cut a promotional video interview where he asks “Who’s Next?” for an event called “Rumble in the Jungle II” from the Congo in October. This is the same show in Africa recently reported on where several huge stars were being advertised and none of them had even heard of the show.


 WWEDVDNews reports that WWE’s upcoming “OMG! The Top 50 Incidents in WWE History” DVD set is rated TV-14 and the blood is not censored throughout, as it is in other recent WWE DVD releases.


Regarding the Heath Slater controversy from WrestleMania 27 weekend that’s just now coming out in the news, looking back at Slater’s Twitter shows that he was absent from the social networking site for most of WrestleMania weekend. Slater returned on April 6th with the following tweet: “Just got home from a long, yet exciting,fun, and life changing week.. You have to love the WWE..”


The Atlanta Journal Constitution has an article up today on security guard Corinne Oliver’s claims against Heath Slater from WrestleMania 27 weekend in Atlanta. Oliver says that she has had back pains ever since Slater allegedly put her in a chokehold and tried taking her into his hotel room.

WWE is keeping distance from the situation. “The alleged victim is making claims against Slater individually, and it’s being investigated,” WWE spokesman Jerry McDevitt said. “This has nothing to do with the WWE.”

According to a police report, the alleged assault happened between 4am and 5am on April 4th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlanta, the day after WrestleMania. Police are still investigating the matter and no charges have been filed against Slater yet.

“She basically said he [Slater] approached her and asked her to go to his room,” Oliver’s laywyer said. “She said no. He started telling her she was pretty and those type things. The next thing you know she was in a chokehold, and he was dragging her and bending her backward, trying to get her on the elevator to his room. She violently had to struggle to get his arm from around her neck.”

The woman, who is still employed by Allied Barton security, immediately told her supervisor. After months of inaction by her bosses, the woman filed a police report on June 22nd. Her lawyer says she contacted police after supervisors told her for months they were going to handle it.


 The latest on womens wrestler Tenille Taylor, who was trained by Lance Storm, coming to WWE is that she will start some time in 2012. She was offered a deal by WWE a while back but had to go through visa issues and then recently underwent surgery on her shoulder.


 Regarding a media interview from yesterday where Edge said he would be appearing at SummerSlam, it looks like the author took Edge’s comments out of context. Edge will be appearing at SummerSlam Axxess but said in a few interviews last week that he would be returning to the hotel after the Axxess appearance. Edge added that he would be waiting on Christian and Dolph Ziggler to finish working so they could go out for sushi.


WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan spoke with Phil Strum of The Poughkeepsie Journal this week. Here are some highlights:

Phil Strum: First of all, what are you doing at SummerSlam?

Daniel Bryan: Well, we have nothing announced right now, but I will be at SummerSlam in Los Angeles and I will have my Money in the Bank briefcase. What I’m hoping for is a match with Wade Barrett.

PS: You’ve said that you’re wrestling for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania in Miami. What does it feel like to have that opportunity?

DB: It’s an incredible opportunity that I’ve dreamed of since I was a little kid — to be in the main event of WrestleMania. I’m hoping this year that I can do it.

PS: You’re someone who can go out and have a great match with Tyson Kidd and then go out and still have an interesting and totally different match with The Great Khali. How do you view each match and how do you individualize them? What makes that possible?

DB: For me, I can adapt my style to anybody. My style is based on kicks and submissions. It works with big guys, fast guys. I can work with someone as strong as Mark Henry and someone as small as Sin Cara. There’s nothing I do that I can’t do to anybody.

PS: When you left last summer before you returned to WWE at SummerSlam, you spent a few months traveling around to various independent promotions. A lot of people liked that you brought attention to the indies. Is that what you were trying to do?

DB: That was actually my main focus. One of the really nice things about getting released by WWE is that they pay you for 90 days. I didn’t need to wrestle. Financially, I was fine. I’ve saved my money for years.

I wanted to capitalize on that opportunity to bring attention to where I was. I couldn’t go wrestle for places that had a television show, but I was really helping out friends who helped me out when I was on the independent scene.

PS: You mentioned before that you only take advice from a few people in wrestling? Who do you go to now?

DB: Who do I go to now? The main person I go to for advice is William Regal. He has been a mentor for me since the first day I stepped foot into developmental in February 2000 in Memphis.

In June 2000, William Regal was the main trainer there. Instantly, we had a connection. He saw that I was a hard worker and that I loved technical wrestling. Even when I got fired from them in 2001, I kept in contact with him. He was the main guy that got me work in Europe and England and he was the person who was constantly trying to get me into Japan, which eventually I did get into Japan. He was always telling me, ‘Send me your matches. I want to see what you’re doing.’ He would tell me his honest opinon of things that he liked and things that he didn’t like. It was nice to have an honest critique. On the independents, you don’t get that and it’s nice to have that guidance.

PS: I want to ask you a question about someone who’s local to the Journal’s coverage area, Michael Cole, who is from Northeastern Dutchess County. He’s constantly been ripping you on TV ever since you debuted. What are your thoughts on that?

DB: The interesting thing is that even though people dislike Michael Cole, they buy into his whole thing that I am a nerd. Recently at a show, Pat Patterson came up to me, and I said something and Pat said, “Oh what do you know about that? You’re just a nerd.” I said, “Pat, you do realize that it’s just Cole saying that and I’m not really a nerd?”

If you look at my life, there’s really nothing nerdy about it. I go out and I do grappling and kickboxing. I don’t own a TV and I don’t watch TV, so I don’t know how that’s construed as being nerdy. I have a very active lifestyle, so I’m not really sure how that construed into me being a nerd. I think it’s because I read a lot. I read a lot and I’m a vegan.


 Variety reports today that Mattel will be releasing a John Cena vs. The Rock set of action figures to commemorate their WrestleMania 28 match. They also note that during the first half of 2011, WWE action figures were the top-sellers beating out brands like GI Joe, Batman, Iron Man, Spider Man and others.


 WWE Champion CM Punk spoke with Mark Madden on his Pittsburgh radio show this past Monday to promote SummerSlam. Punk was asked if he now has creative control in WWE. Punk said he doesn’t like that term and said control is bad. He noted that he has input now but added that everyone always has input. Madden asked Punk if things have really change in WWE or if it’s just another McMahon being the star of the show.

“I think things aren’t going to change over night,” Punk said. “A few little things have already changed. Just the face they’re listening to different people is a step in the right direction. It’s going to take a while. Obviously I’m one who’s an advocate for any kind of change. Getting guys like Zack Ryder on TV is a step in the right direction. He’s entertaining, that’s the bottom line. Is he going to main event WrestleMania this year? No. Maybe he will in a couple of years, you never know. I’m just happy what little change has been implemented thus far has been implemented.”

Punk says people have been making comparisons to what’s happening now and the Attitude Era but added that he isn’t trying to fill Steve Austin’s shoes. Punk is trying to do something completely different – make it fun again, he said. Punk said he hopes he is making everyone tune in next week to see what’s going on because that’s his goal.

Regarding John Cena, Punk acknowledged that he has said some nasty things about his SummerSlam opponent but put him over as someone who loves what he does and a hard worker for WWE. Punk said everything he has said about “Dwayne” is absolutely 100% true.

“I’m in a position now where I think I can call guys out on it,” Punk said about The Rock. “I have no personal problems against Dwayne. It’s very frustrating being here and watch a guy come in and get credit for a WrestleMania buyrate when he didn’t do anything on the show. He certainly didn’t do anything entertaining. There’s a line he crossed at some point where I think he is just as out of touch as the Vince McMahons and everybody else. I’m not calling Rock old, he’s still obviously a young physical fit guy but his ideas are old and his shtick is corny in my opinion. Hopefully when my ideas are old and my shtick is corny, there’s some young punk that’s going to call me out on it. Hopefully Dwayne takes it as, “ok when I come here I have to step it up”, and hopefully he does.”


Atlanta police are currently investigating a situation after a female security guard assigned to keep fans away from wrestlers at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlanta during WrestleMania 27 weekend claims WWE Superstar Heath Slater assaulted her.

Security guard Corinne Oliver claims Slater thought she was pretty and grabbed her in a chokehold while trying to take her back to his hotel room. Oliver claims she fought to get loose and then later identified Slater as her attacker.

According to WSB-TV, a WWE spokesperson said that the allegations were against Slater personally and not WWE as a company. WSB-TV notes that a “source in the wrestling world” says Slater denied the incident happened and said he was with his fiancee all week.


As noted before, WWE Superstar Sheamus will be appearing on tonight’s episode of Conan on TBS. Hornswoggle indicated on Twitter that he will also be appearing on Conan tonight.


 Super Luchas is reporting that Mistico has left WWE and Hunico was told he would be working as Sin Cara at the WWE Mexico tapings in October.

Sources are claiming two different stories. One, that Hunico will play Sin Cara until the original Cara can return and then they will feud. The other is that Mistico is not being brought back after all and Hunico will remain as Sin Cara.

There are people within WWE, and that work with WWE on promotions, that are waiting for a final word from company officials on the future of the Sin Cara character going forward. They are worried that the new person playing Sin Cara will be pushed and not get over like Mistico. If they merchandise him for big plans down the line, it could turn out that they have backed a dud.

Within Mexico, people are worried that fans will see the new Sin Cara as a fraud. Many of WWE’s licensees saw huge money in Sin Cara merchandise aimed at the Mexican market.