Sunday, September 11, 2011


WWE’s website has a new tongue-in-cheek article up with Zack Ryder, talking about his Internet Title. Ryder, who says he won’t defend the title and when he brought it out in Australia against Promo that was a non-title match, said the following about why he has a connection with the WWE Universe:

“I think I have a connection with the WWE Universe because I am a fan at heart. I know what WWE fans want because I am still one, myself. This is the only thing I ever wanted in my entire life. It wasn’t like ‘let me try this WWE thing.’ I set up my life for this and I think the WWE Universe can sense that. They can also feel that I’m just a kid who wants to live my dream.”

Ryder also compared his Internet Title to other belts in WWE history.

“It’s almost like when “Stone Cold” had the Smoking Skull Championship or when John Cena took the WWE Championship and created the title that spun around. But this title is for the Zack Pack, it’s for the Broskis. Like The Rock calls himself The People’s Champion, I’m The Broskis’ Champion. That’s what went into designing the championship.”

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