Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Vince McMahon thanked the crowd and said it's not about him but about "that son of a bitch" John Cena. He took of his coat and tie and called out Cena. Cena came with a mic and made fun of Vince a bit and said he didn't want to fight Vince. He offered Vince the mic and Vince said "screw you" and tried to start something physical by slapping off Cena's hat.

Ziggler, The Miz, and R-Truth came and beat up Cena. Zack Ryder, Santino Marella, and Evan Bourne made the save. Ziggler was surrounded by the faces and begged forgiveness. Cena slammed him and gave him the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Then the Cobra, an AA and Air Bourne to send the crowd home happy.

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