Thursday, July 14, 2011


After the show went off the air, Cena called out Punk, defending Boston. He then said that two men that hate each other shouldn’t wrestle; they should be in a street fight. A referee came out, and Punk’s music hit. Punk met Cena at the ramp and they began to fight around the ringside area. Punk stopped and blew Cena’s wife a kiss, then threw Cena into the stairs. Punk then got on the mic and congratulated Derek Jeter and himself before attempting to pin Cena, which got a two-count. Punk hit Cena with a chair, and when Cena got to his feet, they began to exchange punches. Punk got Cena into a sleeper, but Cena rolled out. Punk left the ring to argue with Cena’s wife, and Cena’s dad slapped him. Punk got back into the ring and walked right into the Attitude Adjustment for the three-count.

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